B2B Terms of Trade and Delivery between Business Parties - B2B Handels- og Leveringsbestemmelser

GB: B2B Trade Conditions and Terms of Delivery between B2B parties. - DK: Dansk oversættelse nedenfor.

GB: Sales and delivery conditions for B2B (Business to Business/ Between 2 companies). 1. Offer and order confirmation. 1.1 The seller's offer is only 
valid for 8 days calculated from the day the offer is dated. After the expiration of this period, the Seller's offer automatically expires. The seller's offer may 
also expire if a delivery is sold out, or the delivery conditions are changed from e.g. a subcontractor's side. 1.2 The Seller reserves the right to make changes 
to the delivery up to the time of delivery, but the Seller in that case guarantees at least an equivalent performance. 1.3 The buyer can only rely on the terms 
of these conditions or in any individual agreement between the parties. Information that the Seller has provided orally, on the Internet, in brochures, etc. is 
thus irrelevant for the assessment of the delivery. 1.4 An order is only binding when it has been approved by the Seller with an order confirmation via email, 
fax or letter. 2. Prices and place of delivery. 2.1 Prices appear from the Seller's price list valid at all times or from the order confirmation sent. 2.2 Delivery 
is ex works/ex works. 2.3 The delivery times are stated subject to any subcontractor delay. If the Seller becomes aware that a subcontractor delay will occur 
or considers this likely, the Buyer will be notified immediately with information on the expected new delivery time. 2.4 In the event of significant delay on 
the part of the Seller, the Buyer has the right to cancel the purchase. If continuous delivery has been agreed, however, the Buyer is only entitled to withdraw 
as far as the delayed partial delivery is concerned. 2.5 Under no circumstances can the Seller be held liable for the Buyer's indirect losses as a result of a 
delayed or missing delivery. Furthermore, the Seller can only be held responsible for direct losses if there is a significant breach of the agreement on the part 
of the Seller, provided that the Buyer can demonstrate that he has suffered a loss as a result of the delay. 3. Freight, insurance etc. 3.1 The prices stated in 
the offer apply ex works/ex works and exclude costs for freight, dispatch, insurance, packaging, installation, VAT and any state taxes, unless otherwise agreed. 
Changes in exchange rates, taxes, insurance, freight and purchase costs means that the Seller can adjust the prices. 4. Payment. 4.1 The Seller's payment 
terms are net cash payment upon delivery ex factory, when the payment appears from the Seller's bank account. Other forms of payment that are current 
between the Buyer and the Seller will appear in the order confirmation and invoice from the Seller to the Buyer. Said documents are forwarded per email. 
4.2 If the Buyer does not pay before the last timely payment date, and the delay is not due to the Seller's circumstances, the Seller is entitled to calculate 
default interest from the due date in accordance with the national bank's current interest rate at all times and to collect payment for all invoiced and 
delivered goods, regardless of previously agreed credit conditions. 5. Retention of title and security. 5.1 The seller retains ownership of the goods sold,
regardless of whether delivery has taken place, until the entire purchase price and any interest/fees have been paid. 5.2 The Seller is entitled at any time 
in connection with or after the conclusion of the agreement to demand satisfactory security for the Seller's total costs in connection with the agreement. 
6 Cancellation and change of orders. 6.1 After the Seller has sent an order confirmation to the Buyer, the Buyer does not have the right to change or 
cancel the order. 6.2 If the Buyer nevertheless chooses to cancel the order, the Buyer is obliged to compensate the Seller's lost profit. 7. inspection duty 
and complaint. 7.1 The buyer must immediately upon delivery or receipt of the goods, and always before the goods are put into use, review the delivered 
goods to ensure that they are free of defects or defects. 7.2 If, in connection with his examination of the goods, the Buyer finds that there are deficiencies 
or defects in the goods, the Buyer must immediately notify the Seller of the deficiencies. In the case of other defects, including hidden defects, which only 
become apparent at a later time, the Buyer must report immediately after the Buyer should have discovered the defect and no later than 2 years after delivery
has taken place. 7.3 If the Buyer fails to notify the Seller immediately after the Buyer has become aware of a defect, the Buyer cannot later assert these 
defects against the Seller. 8. Missing. 8.1 The seller undertakes, for a period of 24 months after delivery has taken place, without undue delay, to carry out 
redelivery or repair at his own choice, when there are defects in the delivery. 8.2 However, the Seller is not obliged to remedy in cases where defects are 
due to the delivery not having been installed and/or used in full accordance with the Seller's regulations, incorrect or inappropriate use, changes or 
technical interventions made without the Seller's written consent or extraordinary climatic influences . 8.3 Wear parts are not covered by the right to 
remedy. Likewise, costs for assembly and disassembly are not covered by the remedy right. 8.4 If the Buyer wishes to complain about any defects, a 
written complaint must be made immediately after the defect or error has been established. 8.5 After the Seller has received a complaint about a deficiency
or a defect which is considered to be covered by this provision, the Seller will remedy the deficiency. 8.6 If the Buyer can carry out the remedy himself 
at the company's address, the Seller's remedy obligation according to this provision is fulfilled by sending a new or repaired part. 8.7 Defective parts 
which have been exchanged in accordance with the above must be made available to the Seller unless otherwise agreed between the parties. 8.8 The seller 
grants the right of remedy for parts of the delivery that have been replaced or repaired, on the same terms and under the same conditions as for the original 
delivery. However, the Seller's remedy obligation does not apply to any part of the delivery beyond 24 months after delivery to the Buyer. 8.9 Products 
with deficiencies or defects that cannot be repaired at the Buyer's address must be sent free of charge to the Seller. Beforehand, the Buyer must obtain a 
return number per telephone or by email at Seller. The seller will then repair or service the product as soon as possible and will then return the product free 
of charge to the buyer's address. 9. Limitations of Liability. 9.1 The Seller's liability for defects cannot exceed the Buyer's total payment for the goods. 
9.2 The seller is not responsible for indirect losses, consequential damages, operating losses, loss of data and costs for their restoration and loss of profit, 
regardless of whether this is due to simple or gross negligence. To the extent that the Seller may be held liable towards a third party, the Buyer is obliged 
to indemnify the Seller to the extent that such liability extends beyond the limits set out above. 10. Product liability. 10.1 The seller is responsible according 
to the Product Safety Act. The seller has product liability for damage caused by the delivery to persons and loss of dependents in accordance with the 
inalienable legislation in force at any time. In addition, the Seller assumes no product liability. 11. Freedom from liability – force majeure. 11.1 The 
following circumstances lead to freedom from liability when they occur after the conclusion of the agreement and prevent its fulfillment: 11.2 Labor 
disputes, strikes, lock-out and any other circumstance beyond the control of the parties, such as fire, epidemic, war, unforeseen military calls-up of similar 
scope, acts of sabotage, seizure, currency restrictions, riots and riots, lack of means of transport, general scarcity of goods, restrictions on means of motive 
power, and shortages in deliveries from sub-suppliers, or delay in such deliveries due to any of the circumstances mentioned in this clause. 11.3 The party
that wishes to invoke any of the circumstances mentioned must notify the other party as soon as possible of which event has occurred and when it is 
expected to cease. 11.4 Both parties are entitled to, by written notice to the other, terminate the agreement when its fulfillment within a reasonable time 
becomes impossible due to any of the in section 11.2 mentioned circumstances. 12. Resolution of disputes. 12.1 These conditions are subject to Danish 
law and jurisdiction. 12.2 Any dispute or discrepancy that may arise in connection with this contract shall be resolved through negotiation. If the parties 
do not succeed in this way in finding an amicable solution to the dispute, each of the parties is entitled to bring the case to the court in the place where the 
Seller has its business headquarters.


DK: Handels- og Leveringsbetingelser mellem B2B parter.

DK: Salgs- og leveringsbetingelser for B2B (Business to Business/ Imellem 2 virksomheder). 1. Tilbud og ordrebekræftelse. 1.1 Sælgers tilbud er kun gældende i 8 dage beregnet fra den dag tilbuddet er dateret. Efter udløbet af denne frist, bortfalder Sælgers tilbud automatisk. Sælgers tilbud kan endvidere bortfalde, hvis en leverance er udsolgt, eller leveringsbetingelserne ændres fra f.eks. en underleverandørs side. 1.2 Sælger forbeholder sig retten til at foretage ændringer i leverancen indtil leveringstidspunktet, men Sælger garanterer i så fald som minimum en tilsvarende ydelse. 1.3 Køber kan alene påberåbe sig vilkårene i disse betingelser, eller i en eventuel individuel aftale mellem parterne. Oplysninger, som Sælger har fremsat mundtligt, på internettet, i brochurer o.l. er således uden relevans for bedømmelsen af leverancen. 1.4 En ordre er først bindende, når den er godkendt af Sælger med en ordrebekræftelse via mail, fax eller brev. 2. Priser og leveringssted. 2.1 Priser fremgår af Sælgers til enhver tid gældende prisliste eller af den fremsendte ordrebekræftelse. 2.2 Levering er ab fabrik/ex works. 2.3 Leveringstiderne er oplyst med forbehold for evt. underleverandørforsinkelse. Hvis Sælger bliver bekendt med, at der vil opstå en underleverandørforsinkelse eller anser dette for sandsynligt, vil Køber omgående blive underrettet med oplysning om forventet nyt leveringstidspunkt. 2.4 I tilfælde af væsentlig forsinkelse fra Sælgers side, har Køber ret til at hæve købet. Hvis der er aftalt løbende levering, er Køber dog alene berettiget til at hæve for så vidt angår den forsinkede delleverance. 2.5 Sælger kan i intet tilfælde holdes ansvarlig for Købers indirekte tab som følge af en forsinket eller manglende leverance. Sælger kan endvidere kun holdes ansvarlig for direkte tab, hvis der er tale om væsentlig misligholdelse af aftalen fra Sælgers side forudsat at Køber kan godtgøre at have lidt et tab som følge af forsinkelsen. 3. Fragt, forsikringer mm. 3.1 De i tilbuddet anførte priser gælder ab fabrik/ex works og eksklusive omkostninger til fragt, forsendelse, forsikring, emballage, installation, moms og eventuelle statsafgifter, medmindre andet er aftalt. Ændringer i valutakurser, afgifter, forsikring, fragt og indkøbsomkostninger medfører, at Sælger kan justere priserne. 4. Betaling. 4.1 Sælgers betalingsbetingelser er netto kontant betaling ved levering ab fabrik, når betalingen fremgår af Sælgers bankkonto. Andre betalingsformer, der er aktalt mellem Køber og Sælger, vil fremgå af ordrebekræftelse og faktura fra Sælger til Køber. Nævnte dokumenter fremsendes pr. email. 4.2 Hvis Køber ikke betaler inden sidste rettidige betalingsdag, og skyldes forsinkelsen ikke Sælgers forhold, er Sælger berettiget til at beregne morarenter fra forfaldsdagen i overensstemmelse med nationalbankens til enhver tid gældende rentesats og til at opkræve betaling for alle fakturerede og leverede varer, uanset tidligere aftalte kreditbetingelser. 5. Ejendomsforbehold og sikkerhedsstillelse. 5.1 Sælger bevarer ejendomsretten til de solgte varer, uanset om levering har fundet sted, indtil hele købesummen og eventuelle renter/gebyrer er betalt. 5.2 Sælger er til enhver tid i forbindelse med eller efter aftalens indgåelse berettiget til at kræve betryggende sikkerhedsstillelse for Sælgers samlede omkostninger i forbindelse med aftalen. 6 Annullering og ændring af ordrer. 6.1 Efter Sælger har fremsendt en ordrebekræftelse til Køber, har Køber ikke ret til at ændre eller annullere ordren. 6.2 Vælger Køber alligevel at annullere ordren, er Køber forpligtet til at erstatte Sælgers mistede fortjeneste. 7. under- søgelsespligt og reklamation. 7.1 Køber skal straks ved udleveringen eller modtagelsen af varerne, og altid inden varerne tages i brug, gennemgå de leverede varer for at sikre at de er uden mangler eller defekter. 7.2 Hvis Køber i forbindelse med sin undersøgelse af varerne konstaterer, at der er mangler eller defekter ved varerne, skal Køber straks give Sælger besked om manglerne. Ved øvrige mangler, herunder skjulte mangler, som først viser sig på et senere tidspunkt, skal Køber reklamere straks efter at Køber burde have opdaget manglen og senest 2 år efter levering har fundet sted. 7.3 Undlader Køber, at underrette Sælger straks efter, at Køber er blevet opmærksom på en mangel, kan Køber ikke senere gøre disse mangler gældende overfor Sælger. 8. Mangler. 8.1 Sælger påtager sig i en periode på 24 måneder efter at levering har fundet sted, uden ugrundet ophold, at foretage omlevering eller reparation efter eget valg, når der foreligger mangler ved leverancen. 8.2 Sælger har dog ikke afhjælpningspligt i de tilfælde, hvor mangler skyldes, at leverancen ikke er blevet monteret og/eller anvendt i fuld overensstemmelse med Sælgers forskrifter, fejlagtig eller uhensigtsmæssig brug, ændringer eller tekniske indgreb, foretaget uden Sælgers skriftlige samtykke eller ekstraordinære klimatiske påvirkninger. 8.3 Sliddele er ikke omfattet af afhjælpningsretten. Ligeledes er omkostninger ved montering og afmontering ikke omfattet af afhjælpningsretten. 8.4 Såfremt Køber ønsker at reklamere over eventuelle mangler, skal skriftlig reklamation fremsættes straks efter, at manglen eller fejlen er konstateret. 8.5 Efter at Sælger har modtaget reklamation om en mangel eller en defekt, som anses for omfattet af denne bestemmelse, vil Sælger afhjælpe manglen. 8.6 Kan Køber selv udføre afhjælpningen på virksomhedens adresse, er Sælgers afhjælpningsforpligtelse efter denne bestemmelse opfyldt ved fremsendelse af ny eller repareret del. 8.7 Mangelfulde dele, som er ombyttet i henhold til foranstående, skal stilles til Sælgers disposition medmindre andet er aftalt mellem parterne. 8.8 Sælger yder afhjælpningsret for dele af leverancen, som er udskiftet eller repareret, på samme vilkår og under samme forudsætninger som for den oprindelige leverance. Sælgers afhjælpningsforpligtelse gælder dog ikke for nogen del af leverancen ud over 24 måneder efter levering til Køber. 8.9 Produkter med mangler eller defekter, der ikke kan repareres på Købers adresse, skal fremsendes fragtfrit til Sælger. Forud skal Køber indhente et returnummer pr. telefon eller pr. email hos Sælger. Sælger vil herefter reparere eller servicere produktet hurtigst muligt og vil derpå returnere produktet ufranko til Købers adresse. 9. Ansvarsbegrænsninger. 9.1 Sælger erstatningsansvar for mangler, kan ikke overstige Købers samlede betaling for varen. 9.2 Sælger er ikke ansvarlig for indirekte tab, følgeskader, driftstab, tab af data og omkostninger til disses retablering og tab af fortjeneste, uanset om dette skyldes simpel eller grov uagtsomhed. I det omfang Sælger måtte blive pålagt ansvar over for tredjemand, er Køber forpligtet til at holde Sælger skadesløs, i det omfang et sådant ansvar rækker ud over de ovenfor fastsatte grænser. 10. Produktansvar. 10.1 Sælger er ansvarlig efter lov om produktsikkerhed. Sælger har produktansvar over for leverancens skadeforvoldelse på personer og tab af forsørger i henhold til den til enhver tid gældende ufravigelige lovgivning herom. Herudover påtager Sælger sig intet produktansvar. 11. Ansvarsfrihed – force majeure. 11.1 Følgende omstændigheder medfører ansvarsfrihed, når de indtræffer efter aftalens indgåelse og forhindrer dens opfyldelse: 11.2 Arbejdskonflikter, strejker, lock-out og enhver anden omstændighed som parterne ikke har været herre over, såsom brand, epidemi, krig, uforudsete militærindkaldelser af tilsvarende omfang, sabotagehandlinger, beslaglæggelse, valutarestriktioner, oprør og uroligheder, mangel på transportmidler, almindelig vareknaphed, restriktioner af drivkraftsmidler, og mangler ved leverancer fra underleverandører, eller forsinkelse med sådanne leverancer, som skyldes nogen af de i dette punkt nævnte omstændigheder. 11.3 Den part, som ønsker at påberåbe sig nogen af de nævnte omstændigheder, skal hurtigst muligt underrette den anden part om hvilken begivenhed, der er indtrådt, og hvornår det forventes at den ophører. 11.4 Begge parter er berettigede til, ved skriftlig meddelelse til den anden, at hæve aftalen, når dens opfyldelse inden for en rimelig tid bliver umulig på grund af nogen af de i pkt. 11.2 nævnte omstændigheder. 12. Afgørelse af tvister. 12.1 Nærværende betingelser er underlagt dansk lov og værneting. 12.2 Enhver tvist eller uoverensstemmelse, som måtte opstå i forbindelse med denne kontrakt, skal forsøges løst gennem forhandling. Hvis det ikke på denne måde lykkes parterne, at finde en mindelig løsning på tvisten, er enhver af parterne berettigede til at indbringe sagen retten på det sted, hvor Sælger har sit forretningsmæssige hjemsted.